Residents of Upper Dir forced to repair road by self-help

Bureau Report

DIR: The residents of Doog Darra valley in Upper Dir district have started repair and clearing of the main Doog Darra road on self-help basis after ignored by the communication and works department Upper Dir and administration.The unpaved road of the valley had been badly damaged like others by the torrential rains that hit various areas of the Upper Dir the other day. The residents of Doog Darra said that their road had closed at several places due to heavy debris that was brought by the flood water. They allegedly said that though material from other road had been removed and cleared to traffic. However their area’s road was left uncleared and unrepaired despite they had asked the C&W department and Sheringal administration. They said that traffic was suspended for three days to Doog Darra and traffic go from and come to the valley was unable to pass through the blocked and damaged road.Due to which they were facing difficulties however the department had given no attention towards their miseries. The residents said that they after got disappointed they decided to repair and clear the road on self-help basis. They said that despite their enthusiasm they were unable to remove all debris especially at those places where it was lying in big amount. However, they added, that they were then struggling to remove the material from the road but at lots of places there was required heavy machinery for removal of those heavy material.They said they once again demanded of the C&W department of Upper Dir and Sheringal administration to remove the material from the road and clear it to traffic and repair the damaged portions of the road.

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