Shoaib Malik says Babar Azam should be made an independent captain of national team

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LAHORE: Popular cricketer Shoaib Malik suggested that Babar Azam should be made an independent captain of the national cricket team here on Wednesday. Shoaib Malik said he was among the fans of Babar Azam. He expressed these views while giving interview to a local news organization. “I’m fan of Babar Azam,” said Shoaib Malik, pointing out that he should be an independent captain of the national cricket team. He also said that there were many negatives things but the young batsmen should completely focus their careers and work. “The batsmen should show responsibilities and perform their duties with utmost care and focus,” said Shoaib Malik. He said it was the matter with Babar Azam as he always realized his duties and tried his best to perform them in excellent way. “Babar Azam is a star player for many juniors and for many others,” said the former captain. He said he always felt pride when Babar Azam was discussed all around the world. He said that he was given responsibilities of One Day International and T20 formats but he should be made captain of the national team to make decisions independently. “If he is made an independent captain he could perform excellent like Verat Kohli of India,” he went on to say. He further said that the players would also be sure that they would not be out of the team even after defeat in two or three matches, and in return, they would support the captain. He urged the PCB to encourage the young batsman so that they could emerge as the best players for the team and could perform for the country. Eoin Morgan, he said, was the recent example who supported his team and players and maintained pool of players.

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