Sit in against inactive building of Science College postpones for 10 days

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THORAR: Joint protest and sit in of various parties against the inactive building of Model Science College at Taain postponed for 10 days as the Assistant Commissioner Thorar, Munawar Hussain succeeded in negotiating with the protesters here on Monday. Upon the assurance of Commissioner Poonch, Abdul Hameed Mughal the protest has been postponed for ten days. According to detail, the building of Taain College was constructed by the fund of Rs 3 million. But, the building could not be utilized even after16 years. People of area started protest against the inactive building of college. This protest later on became and all parties protest. They protesters demanded from the concerned authority to make the building of college active by utilizing it for the educational activities.

Administration assured the protesters that a delegation will meet with the PM AJK Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan within the period of two weeks to brief the PM regarding the demands of masses. The protesters postponed the sit in for few days and hailed the role of administration.

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