Sky rocketing prices of sacrificial animals shock purchasers in Dir

Bureau Report

UPPER DIR: Higher rates of the sacrificial animals in Upper Dir greatly shocked customers as they are struggling for buying animals in the scorching heat through out the day in the cattle markets.Customers said rates of the sacrificial animals were very high far behind their expectations. They said that it was very much difficult for the already inflation hit people to manage animals for sacrifice. A customer, Tajbar Khan, said that He had searched out all the cattle markets in Dir city and checked prices of both small and big animals however rates of those animals were really very high. He said that due to high rates of the animals customers almost enable to buy sacrificial animals. Another customer from Dir city said that owners of the animals had been left unchecked in fixing rates and they had fixed animals rates on their own wishes.He said that the owners were doing injustice act that had fixed very high rates comparatively then the previous year. He said that it was understandable for them three to four thousands high price of the animals compare to previous year’s rate. However this year the rates of those sacrificial animals were so much high from the previous year.Customers said that the rates of the small animals like he-goat, he-sheep and others were more shocking then big animals. They said that the price of per small animal had raisedd from eight to ten thousands rupees. A he-goat and he-sheep was being sold by 22,000 to 25,000 of which rates were hardly 14,000 to 16,000 previous years.Similarly, the prices of the big animals have raised up to 15,000 to 20,000 per animal compared to previous year’s prices. Customers said that they were finding difficulties in performing sacrifice this year due to higher prices of the animals.The other side, owners of the animals were also complaining about not selling their animals. The owners said that their animals rates were so high that customers were thinking about that. They claimed that a little bit high prices of their sacrificial animals due to sharply increasing in prices of others items including flour, sugar, ghee, and others. They said that customers were criticising them for increasing their animals prices however they were not imagining their difficulties which they were facing due to dramatically increasing in prices of daily used items.

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