Sugary drinks, smoking cause many other diseases besides heart disease: Sanaullah Ghman

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Sanaullah Ghman, general secretary of the Pakistan National Heart Association Panah, said that sugary drinks and smoking cause many other diseases besides heart disease. Sanaullah Ghman told reporters that according to a study by Cyarol Andresson, author of University of California, people who consume sugary drinks on a daily basis have a 42 percent higher risk of heart attack than the average person. Which proves that sugary drinks are not good for the human body, as well as the use of sugary drinks increases the risk of obesity and other diseases. Not only us but various investigations by international organizations are telling us this. In this regard, Panah not only informed the public about the negative effects of smoking and sugary drinks on human health.The use of healthy food is essential for the human body to build a healthy society. We are saddened to hear that Chairperson of Benazir Income Supports Program, the world’s leading cardiologist who has been working against heart disease for many years, Sports Program Dr. Sania Nishtar, after researching the use of sugary drinks to increase the risk of heart attack by 42%. Condemn and request a review On the one hand, Dr. Sania Nishtar is a Federal Minister and also a Cardiologist and on the other hand, she is completely ignoring the fears of 42% increase in heart attack due to consumption of sugary drinks. Her move has made the public think. Whether it is research on sugar borne diseases or government measures, we appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan to take practical steps for the welfare of the people, but not sugar drinks. It is also the duty of the government to protect citizens from the growing trend of consumption and the diseases caused by it.

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