System will be wrapped up with minus one rather than minus one: Sheikh Rashid

Bureau Report

Pic04-028 LAHORE: Jul04- Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed addressing a press conference at Railway Headquarters in provincial capital. ONLINE PHOTO by Malik Sajjad


LAHORE: Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said system will be wrapped up with minus three rather than minus one.

“The system will be wrapped with minus three , not with minus one. Neither we are last  choice nor are we minus one. Imran Khan is striving to run the government whatever vim and vigor he has. What job the opposition has to do, the ministers are doing it”, he said this while addressing a press conference here Saturday.

He held if minus comes then there will be minus three and system will be wrapped up. The petrol was sold at exorbitant rate under a conspiracy against the government.

He went on to say Imran Khan is  endeavoring hard . Opposition is not doing  which some ministers are doing against the government.

He underlined revolutionary change  has been witnessed in the railway for the first time in Railway history . The cases of those who have committed corruption in railway are being referred to NAB.

He pointed out with the completion of ML-1, 150000 people will get jobs and these  will be given on merit.

He observed opposition is money launderer and corrupt and it can do no harm to the government. Now ball is with us. We have to deliver.  I and Shahbaz Sharif have one and same party. Then you should understand now.

Both the major parties of opposition have been caught red handed in corruption. They can not escape as the cases are so much heinous.

About Bilawal Bhutto Zardari statement he said why Asif Ali Zardari will be killed by calling him in the court. He has killed all the nation by plundering it.

“I have remained minister three times but a corona injection was not becoming available to me at the rate of Rs 500000.General Afzal of NDMA arranged to provide me this injection.  Corona is a terrible and deadly disease. May any enemy be not infected with this virus. May Allah recover Shahbaz Sharif from this virus. Pakistan army is fighting war against corona and locus attacks.

When petroleum products price was reduced it was not apt time to curtail the cost. When budget was about to be passed and it was not appropriate time to increase the price then petrol price was enhanced by Rs 25 under a conspiracy so that problems come on the way of passing  budget.  They all are conspirators.

Responding to a question he said PML-Q will go no where. It makes no difference if they have not attended the dinner. They were present there to cast votes.  I have to cast vote either I cast it after dining out or otherwise.

I have rejected the proposal to increase railway fares, Sugar cases can be serious. I had opposed to export sugar, he remarked.

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