Use of sugary drinks causes various diseases: Sana Ullah Ghuman

Staff Reporter


ISLAMABAD: Sanaullah Ghuman, General Secretary, Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH), said that the use of sugary drinks has become a fashion, while behind the scenes, the use of sugary drinks causes various diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity. Legislation should be enacted to keep sugary drinks out of the reach of children and adults.

In a press release issued by Panah, Sanaullah Ghman said that the priorities of the world are changing, we also have to change, the trend towards using healthy food instead of harmful drinks is increasing. At the international level, like other countries, we need to make the public aware of the realities of sugary drinks that cause deadly diseases.

According to the international news agency CNN, Singapore has become the first country to ban advertisements for sugary drinks in the light of new laws. It has been decided to enact legislation to curb chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity as a result of the growing trend of sugary drinks. According to BMJ Research, daily consumption of sugary drinks According to the World Health Organization, people who regularly consume one to two cans of sugary drinks a day are more likely to cause cancer than those who consume 18% of cancers. Sugar drinks have been linked to obesity worldwide since 1975. Almost tripled,

The government should do its part to keep sugary drinks out of the reach of the public. The state of Mexico increased taxes on sugar by 10 percent to curb sugary drinks, which reduced sugar consumption from 6.0 percent to 6.8 percent, for the rest of the world. Is a shining example.

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