“Why did the Allies win the Second World War?”

By: Muhammad Ammar Saleem

This is not always the fighting quality that leads you to success against your enemy but also it needs conventional wisdom and same was the policy of Allies during the war. Allies had more integrated and benign societies allowing them to mobilize the war totally while on the other side, the attitude of Japanese and Nazis failed to get it. Allies never faced any Civilian resistance. Nazis regime, on the other side was so unpopular and he was not supported by his own public. Germans excused that they didn’t have enough number to counter Allies but this is not a truth. In World War 1, they gave same lame excuses against their defeat. The German officers always insisted that they lost the war due to low resources and the climate of Soviet Union as well. Moreover, they also blamed Adolf Hitler for that defeat because he was not willing to gain the territory. The fighting quality of Soviet was also much better than those of Germans. Hitler army was underestimating the power of Soviet Union and their approach to consider them inferior was really wrong. Their assumptions were really wrong against the true strength of Red Army. The harsh environment, the weakened transport infrastructure, and the immense distance of Soviet Union became a major obstacle for Germans. When they reached Moscow Gates in December 1941, their chance of victory disappeared as blitzkrieg was diminished already where they were finding a place. Those who were going to conquer were no finding a place to survive because Soviet Union has its own industrial power to standardize the fighting strength and they were also aided by United States against German. Operational Capacity of Allied The angle of taking World War 2 through the strategic decision prism tells us that Allies were much aware about the technicalities of war like when they were going to invade Sicily in 1943, the landing ships were loaded with tanks. This clearly demonstrates that they had immense wealth and material power because they war oriented towards war with proper utilization of sources. Take a dimension before the war when both U.S and Britain had a very small army with little air force comparatively. But in the next four years, the strength was larger and equal at sea, air and land. The communication and supply procedure was so effective between Britain and U.S. On the other side, Japan and Germany who were growing their resources in the beginning, then failed to recover their production with the passage of time. Both had biggest shortages of fuel and food. But the main issue was material power which they both lacked especially German against Britain and Japan at Pearl Harbor. The U.S and Britain both remained firm during fighting and thus their victory was assured. Soviet Union Invasion Hitler announced Operation Barbarossa in 1941 and it is considered as decisive moment of war as Germans were defeated as they were contained by Red Army. As mentioned above, Americans supported Red Army with telephone cable, trucks, boots and aluminum to spam but the major factor but it was its own modest quantity of USSR to tackle. It is said that if Hitler moved to Rommel instead of reinforcing Barbarossa then he might have conquered Britain by pushing Churchill’s government because people of Britain were not ready to take any bloody harm they faced in World War 1. T-34 Tanks: Only in four years, the Soviet Union was able to launch more than 55,000 tanks in the battle field. Though they were not as much efficient but they were so huge in number they proven a significant factor for Red Army in winning the battle and after that, Stalin stated that quantity ultimately becomes quality in war and these were the only tanks of low class which destroyed the Germany of Nazis. Half million causalities from German side were reported just because with the use of these tanks by Red Army. Sea Power One of the other factors that played role in the defeat of Nazis was sea power of Allied forces and the warships protected Allies from massive destruction as they kept on moving and prevented the attacks from enemy. And there is no doubt that it was the Royal Navy that protected Great Britain. These warships protected the supplies of Canada and America. With the involvement of America in the war, the grip against Germans was more strengthened as it had more Sea Power. Along with these major reasons, several other reasons also contributed in the win like Hitler flawed decision making and they were revisionist against the established powers.

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