X-ray image shows coin lodged in toddler’s throat

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Doctors have removed a coin from a three-year-old girl’s throat which she swallowed it while playing at home in China’s Guangxi province.

The toddler, nicknamed Bei Bei, was taken to hospital after she started throwing up and feeling nausea where the X-ray image revealed a round object stuck at the back of the girl’s throat during a CT scan at Nanning Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Toddler Bei Bei coin in throat surgery

Bei Bei is said to have swallowed a one-yuan coin, usually measure about 25 millimetres (0.98 inches) wide, from a table while staying at home with her grandmother on Friday morning, the report said.

After medics detected the metal object in her throat, the horrified grandparent called Bei Bei’s parents to the hospital.

Toddler Bei Bei coin in throat surgery

‘She kept throwing up after she swallowed the coin,’ the mother later told the hospital. ‘But [she] couldn’t get the coin out.’ The parent then took her daughter to the hospital after the young child’s condition worsened.

The doctors spotted the metal object lodged at the upper part of the patient’s oesophagus, a muscular tube connecting the throat with the stomach. Later, the surgeons scheduled an emergency operation to remove the coin, Dailymail UK reported.

The report added that the surgery remained successful and the little girl was discharged from the hospital.

Toddler Bei Bei coin in throat surgery

Doctors warned parents about the danger of children swallowing foreign objects by accident.

‘We want to remind all the parents to ensure that [their infants and toddlers] stay away from small objects and toys,’ a medic said to Pear Video. ‘They are very likely to swallow it when they are frightened or not paying attention.’

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