Younis capable but he will have to control mood swings: Ramiz Raja

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ISLAMABAD: Former captain Ramiz Raja believes that the newly-appointed batting coach Younis Khan is capable of providing Pakistan team a better cricket-centric environment but for that he will have to control his mood swings. “He can improve cricket focus during the England trip. This is a difficult trip where along with playing cricket there will be a need to understand and learn things. And Younis can play a key role in this respect,” Ramiz said on his YouTube channel ‘RamizSpeaks’. “Younis Khan is a no-nonsense kind of a character. He is a hard worker and dedicated individual. His career figures are outstanding. He has also an excellent record in England.” He said Younis always scored for Pakistan in tough conditions and there were several players in the current Pakistan team, who either considered him as their hero or had been playing with him. “He has a very good bond with head coach Misbah-ul-Haq and probably it is also due to that reason that he [Misbah] has been keen to involve him.” But the cricketer-turned commentator said the batting great would have to plug in his grey areas to become a successful coach. “When I say that he is a no-nonsense kind of a character, he can be temperamental too because once or twice [in the past] he was about to sign for some slot [in PCB] but he did not do that as he did not like some clauses [of the contract]. “His moods keep on swinging. [Hence] the alarm bell will continue ringing as at any time his mood can be bad and he may quit. “[But] now, he should not do anything of that sort as he is starting a new career. When you are a player you have different sort of challenges and demands but when you become a coach you start the work from behind the desk. “As a coach you provide service and if your temperament is not under control you will not be successful. Half of the coaching comprises man-managed skills; it means to know and understand people; it requires patience. “If Younis will not show such an attitude then the job will be difficult. Pakistan does not need [such] headlines. Younis will have to survive because [now] he is an employee now. He will boss the things to a certain limit, but a total open environment will not be there. As a professional, he will have to understand that.” Ramiz said some other big advantages which Pakistan team could get from Younis was how to play the spin blowing and learn the art of running between the wickets. “[As a batsman] he was outstanding in these two departments. Although this is a short trip of four to six weeks, the players will definitely learn from him as how to take singles and dominate the spin bowling. “He was also an outstanding fielder and I hope in that department too he will help Misbah-ul-Haq a lot.” Ramiz also spoke about the role the newly-appointed spin-bowling coach Mushtaq Ahmed could play for Pakistan. “He is a happy-go-lucky kind of character, who infuses energy in the team. He is a very plain and simple individual, but he is never scared of challenges. “Like Younis Khan he will also improve environment. Prior to his this new role, he has been present in the circuit. So he very well knows the demands of dressing room environment and how to improve that. He said Mushtaq could be of great advantage for young Pakistan outfit in tough conditions. “He is familiar with English conditions as he has been playing county cricket. He has also served England camp in the past. “I think his appointment is basically Yasir Shah-specific. If he manages to bowl well in England, then Pakistan can win the series,” Ramiz added.

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