NAB to probe alleged corruption in Rescue-1122

By: S.K. Sami
Peshawar: National Accountability Bureau, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has received cases about open bargaining of Directorate General, Rescue-1122 in staff recruitment on various positions. An official source on the condition of not highlighting his/her name has revealed that citizens have submitted applications to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Peshawar office, having stated in writing about bluntly sales of various vacant posts and pricing of each vacancy in Rescue-1122, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to NAB sources, some cases against the Directorate General of Rescue-1122 are under investigation process in National Accountability Bureau for facts findings and legal action against the accused culprits if found any. The candidates outside the Rescue-1122 Head Quarter office at Peshawar blamed that such malpractice by the Department is with the collaboration of a private testing agency, Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) for illegal accumulation of money from the unemployed jobs hunters. It was
said that when candidates pass the given tests with good score they are being demanded for bribery amount, as per the post’s scale to which they applied; while on the denying some other welling candidates are given the appointment letters on those posts, the young guys grumbled.

According to the spokesman of Rescue-1122, Bilal Ahmad Faizi, the department has recruited about more than 2000 multiple staff in the ongoing year via the same testing agency, while the score in written and other testing process is limited up to the short listing only as the marks
obtained in the test are not countable later on, he explained. He confirmed information about the NAB inquiry, but rejected objections of people, having said that whoever is not selected on the applied position they are blaming us for corruption and rules violation.
Besides the appointment against merit, during investigation, some officials have also told to Country News that the Director General of Rescue-1122 Dr. Khateer Ahmad by misusing his power, he promotes his staff member on to the upper grades on nepotism and favoritism basis rather than ability judgment. This was echoed that those officials who are closed to the DG or praising him are often being given quick promotion while those minds their own business and paying attention to their duties are remains behind.

It has also been found out from queries that the department if utilize its extended resources can overcome to stop the fake calls are often received to them, asking for emergency services, which consume public money and time, but some senior officials take benefits from fake telephone calls
to charge extra fuel by quoting large distance they travelled to, the informer said. Reciprocating to this matter, the Spokesman has said that Rescue-1122 not only has software through to trace the
fake callers but departmental rules exist as well to take action against such person with physical and financial penalty as prescribed. However he said that the department does not urge for its implementation yet. It was pretended that on one hand the Rescue-1122 was a newly emerged institute while on the other mostly the fake callers are female or under aged people that’s why it does not recommend take intensive action against the disturbing and fake callers.