Justin Bieber says he has no desire to become a Hillsong Church minister as he dismisses fake news

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber has no desire to become a Hillsong Church minister, saying that reports about it are fake.

The Sorry singer took to Instagram and shared a story where he quashed these reports, saying “I’m not studying to be a minister or anything even close to that.”

“Have no desire for that this is fake news,” Bieber further said.

The singer, in another Insta story, wrote, “And BTW Hillsong is not my Church..For Clarity I am a part of Churchhome.”

Earlier, there were reports that Bieber “doesn’t plan to give up his music career, but he feels there’s a bigger calling out there for him”.

“He wants to be a full-fledged minister next year”, OK! Magazine first published the news and subsequently covered by Page Six

Eminem is opening up about his notorious diss track for Rihanna and why it happened in the first place, after he was assaulted by Chris Brown. 

During a chat with SiriusXM’s Gray Rizzy, Slim Shady opened up about why he dissed the Umbrella crooner.

The rapper spoke about the 2019 leak of Things Get Worse where he rapped about taking Brown’s side over his infamous assault on the singer back in 2009. A year after the leak, the Monsters Under My Bed hit maker apologized to the Work singer.

He had rapped: “Let me add my two cents /Of course, I side with Chris Brown / I’d beat a [expletive] down, too / If she gave my [expletive] an itch, now.”

“When it first happened, I was like, first, I didn’t know how, how somebody got it,” he told Rizzy in an interview on January 4.

“Like, the rhyme schemes didn’t even sound familiar to me. I was like, ‘what the [expletive], I said that?’” he said about the infamous track.

He said that the track was recorded back in 2009 amidst “the early stages of the Relapse record I was working on. So, you know, it’s 10 plus years old, but not making excuses for it. I said it, and I was wrong for saying that. It was [expletive] stupid.”

“You know, a lot of times, especially with the Relapse record, when I first started learning how to rap again, because of the drug situation that I went through and having to relearn a lot of things, that was one of those things that it was like, ‘well, if it rhymes say it.’”

“I think that being able to look back, I mean, that’s not even an excuse, but I’m just saying like that there was a phase I was going through with that Relapse record. I don’t know,” he said explaining how the track was made.

“It was one of those things. I think I just said it cause it rhymed. And I think I’m sure looking back now, I should have thought better of it,” he added.