Mivida Project is a public demand: Tajamul Khanyal

Staff Reporter


Peshawar: Giving interview to daily Country News, the Chief Executive of Khanyal Builders Private limited Tajamul Hussain Khanyal told that his ongoing residential project MIVIDA at the capital of Pakistan is according to the customers’ needs and will be proved an exemplary one after completion. He added that his company always believes on clients’ satisfaction as the company assets and that’s the main motive that today Khanyal Builders is expanding with a rapid passage, he exclaimed.

The CEO said that the town planning of Mivida project has been sketched according to international standard by an expert company of Singapore. Tajamul reciprocated to a question that residents of this planned project will have all facilities of international standard life where in a sufficient area has been specified for greenery and plantation in order to provide a human friendly environment to our valued customers. He had a desired dream in the past for the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to have plot in the capital area of the country and by virtue of Mivid project he is to touch the set target, he added.

Answering to a question Tajamul Hussain Khanyal of Khanyal Builders told that financial earning can be achieved via any field of business, but he deliver his services to share the land of Allah with justice and to be remembered by the end users of his projects. When he was asked about actual meaning of project name MIVIDA, he replied that one should visit our office to have complete definition of MIVIA and thus he/she will know more about the project.