High flood flow to pass through Trimmu Headworks today

Bureau Report

LAHORE: Super flood is expected to pass through Trimmu Headworks as flood flows of River Chenab and Jhelum will pass through the point.

The flood flow of Chenab will pass through Trimmu headworks this evening, the Flood Forecasting Division said in a statement.

Trimmu Headworks is situated downstream of the confluence of the River Jhelum and River Chenab.

Jhelum river has been in medium flood level at Rasul Headworks situated between Jhelum and Mandi Bahauddin districts. River Jhelum is flowing in at Rasul headworks with water inflow recorded at 112,000 cusecs.

The water level of the Jhelum river at Mangla has dropped to 50,000 cusecs, which was 300,000 cusecs at the point two days’ ago, according to the Flood Forecasting Division.

According to the Flood Forecasting Division, Chenab was in medium flood at Qadirabad headworks with a water flow of 2,50,000 cusecs. Thousands of acres of the agriculture land with standing crops reportedly came under the floodwater.

Moreover, the Sindh Irrigation Department has announced the closure of three canals of Sukkur and Kotri barrages after breaches developed in these canals.

The Rice Canal originating from Sukkur Barrage and two canals of Kotri have been closed, the irrigation department said in a statement.

It is pertinent to mention here that six canals of Guddu and Sukkur barrages were closed earlier.

According to river water figures, Indus River’s inflow at Guddu Barrage has been recorded at 2,26,298 cusecs, while the outflow has been recorded at 2,16,298 cusecs.

The water inflow at Sukkur Barrage has been recorded at 2,05, 165 cusecs, while the outflow from the barrage has been 2,00, 465 cusecs, according to the water record.

Moreover, the water level of Indus at Kotri Barrage has been 60,520 at upstream and 60,240 at downstream.