Bleeding Palestine and Jerosalem

By: Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

Jerosalem is a sacred ancient city, mentioned in the divine books and promised by God Almighty to the believers. Since the foundation of Islamic state, the Muslim traders established their links with the inhabitants of the sacred city and in 636 AD-the reign of Hazrat Umar-(R.A) the Jerosalem was invaded and conquered and since then, for 450 years, it remained a part of the Muslim state, having almost 22 lac square miles within its ambit. In 1095 AD the crusaders invaded Jerosalem and inflicted heavy casualties upon the inhabitants of the city and almost all the Muslim population and other communities of the city were mercilessly slained to horrible death. In 1187AD, Gazi Salahud-Din Ayubi retorted crusaders and made them to surrender unconditionally. The inhabitants were allowed to live peacefully or move to any other place, they liked. Jerosalem is originally the abode of the Muslims tracing their origin from the era of Hazrat Musa (A.S). After the elimination of crusaders by the renowned and illustrious commander of Islam Salahud-Din Ayubi Jerosalem remained under the Muslim reign for 800 years. In the second world war Hitler massacred almost seventy precent of Jewish community and warned the world to be careful of the mischievous instinct of the rest of the Jewish community. He claimed that he could slain the whole Jews of the world but he has intentionally spared a few lakh to prove that whenever the world will get tired of the mis-chiefs of the Jews, they would remember and salute his wisdom. Since that time the Jewish community remained homeless and wandered here and there. America manipulated with Jews and helped them to inhabitate in the territory; we name it as Israel. When the Arabs raised hue and cry about the illegal occupation of Jews a commission was constituted to probe the matter and this obnoxious practice continued to be repeated time and again despite the Arabs continued and incessant clamoring. After its unwarranted implantation in the heart of Arab territory, in 1948 the Israel forcibly occupied western Jerosalem and in 1967 after a 6 days war illegally and forcibly snatched the eastern Jerosalem. Donald Trump has announced to move its embassy to Jerosalem, The decision of Donald Trump has caused serious unrest amongst the Muslims of Pakistan as well as the whole Muslim community of the world. The American president’s decision about its embassy in Jerosalem is tantamount to admit the Israeli claim that the Jerosalem is the integral part of Israel. Israel had deployed a large number of Jews in eastern Jerosalem, which is illegal as per international norms and despite hectic campaign of Israel to make the world believe that the eastern Jerosalem is a Jewish populated area and hence claims the Jewish proprietory rights. The world has not taken notice of the Israeli propaganda, being baseless and beyond ground realities. All the divine books substantiate the fact, Jerosalem being promised land to the believers, which the believers inhabitated since the age of Hazrat Musa (AS). In 2017 Trump announced a formula namely “Deal of the century”, if implemented will ensure the transfiguration of Israel into greater Israel and the Palestinians having small chunk of the Promised Land. World intellectuals condemned the Trump declaration and it could not be enamoured in world leaders. Muslim countries, amongst whom there exists a military alliance of 42 Muslim countries failed to exhibit a strong reaction. In case Trump declaration is implemented in letter and spirit, the Muslim community would be restrained to the position of migrants in their centuries old abode, their next generations will remain in constant disorder and in a besieged state. Trump declaration “Deal of the century” expound in itself, drift towards the cherished goal of the greater Israel, not befitting the Palestinian Muslims, curtailing them into negligible minority and make their coming generations enslaved. This scenario developed due to the negligence of Muslim states of the world, who remained indifferent to the voice of the depressed Palestinians. Will history forgive the Muslim state rulers in their grave silence upon relentless injustice with their brethren unsheltered Muslims, upon whom the Israel is inflicting the grave kind of barbarities and cruelties making the sacred territory bleeding to no end.