Federal cabinet likely to allow pilots possessing genuine licences: sources

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar will present a report to the federal cabinet today regarding the progress of the ongoing investigation into fake licence scandal of pilots, citing sources

Ghulam Sarwar will present a report regarding the pilots’ licences issue to the Prime Minister Imran Khan during the session of federal cabinet today.

Sources told that the board of inquiry is continuing its probe into fake licences and 193 licences of pilots have been suspended so far and 77 aviates were grounded. Moreover, a total of 76 pilots were declared suspicious and 52 out of 127 captains are from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

The federal cabinet is expected to take important decisions regarding the fate of the pilots. The cabinet is likely to grant permission to resume services of those pilots whose licences were cleared by the concerned authorities, added sources.

It is pertinent to mention here that the corporate crime circle of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is also conducting an investigation into the fake licences scandal.

A session of the federal cabinet session is underway under the chair of PM Imran Khan today to discuss a 16-point agenda.

Earlier in August, the management of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had hinted to add those pilots in its duty roster who have been cleared by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regarding their licences.

However, the PIA spokesperson had said in a statement that the management of the national carrier has not yet received the list of the pilots cleared for their licences.

It is yet to be disclosed whether the issue of fake licences issued by the Pakistani operators was created by the alleged negligence of the CAA or the aviation minister remained unaware about the wrong credentials of pilots including names and licence numbers.