HEC & Govt totally failed to assist Students

By: Amir Bashir Inqlabi

Higher Education Comission and Govt has totally failed to make any policy, for the betterment of students in last three months( COVID-19) as students are facing number of problems because of the total failure of online system. This online system should be alternated with a proper system which can benefit the student in best manner. This is the most initial and necessary depend of all the students across the country. Specially in AJK, students in hilly and backward areas still don’t have the facility of mobile service and no proper road access even. More then half of the students don’t have smart phones, 2/3 of the students have moderate family background and can’t effort laptops. Some of the students run their whole house system by their on because is poorness. Here we have a point, despite of all these problems mentioned, universities are charging pauper students full fees. In return as i maintained initially our education institution along with the government has failed to facilitate the whole community of students in a good way. In the last press conference by Chairman of HEC, he stated about the open book papers. We, the student community totally condemn this plan. As a student leader i am concerned about the rights of the students. I condemn this act of brutality, and you are converting students into rebels by this. We are demanding for such a policy by HEC & GOVT, which is feasible for both, the poor and rich community, as poor community should be the main concern while making any policy. The cuts in the Education budget last year proved disastrous. The rural areas lack internet services and the downtrodden cannot afford laptops, smart phones and costly internet packages to take online lectures.Here i came up with the suggestion, as relaxation of the fees can be the best solution. Only 10 percent of the fees should be charged by the students so that teachers can be entertained. By the remaining amount of fee students will be able to buy technology products so that they can avail their precious time properly as students are the future of the nations.