Political Chaos


By Zaheer Ud din Babar

It’s not easy to say that how much Imran Khan’s political style has affected Pakistani society as well as the economy. We all know that political stability is clearly linked with economic stability. On one side, till date, the chairman of PTI has tried his best to create the impression that PDM government is weakening day by day. Political observers say that Imran Khan’s political strategy is cleverly designed, for example the ex Prime Minister has hit again and again military establishment for two reasons: Firstly, he’s trying to pin all his failures on General (R) Qamar Javad Bajwa, with the second reason being that Imran khan is trying his best to pressurize the new military leadership to support his political narrative.

We all know that Imran khan has repeatedly blamed ex chief of army staff for the toppling of the PTI government. Ex-prime minister has categorically said that it is General Bajwa who controls the National Accountability bureau. The sad thing is that, as a prime minister, Imran khan has openly praised Ex-army chief for his democratic role and natural role . For example, Imran khan said that Gen Zia or Gen Musharraf never performed their duties according to the constitution but General Qamar Javed Bajwa has always stood for democratic norms and values.

The issue is that the media continually questions ex-prime minister. Imran Khan’s critics have also raised question regarding the inability of Imran Khan to prove his allegations on his political opponents after more than 3 years of government. The dark side of Imran Khan’s political strategy is that he is less interested to in prevailing the rule of law in Pakistan. Ex-prime minister knows that all the allegation which he publicly imposed to the PDM leadership have never been proved. It is quite clear that Imran Khan’s followers firmly believe that their leader is a true and sincere leader and they will never let him go.

On the other hand, the anti-Imran Khan circle firmly believes that if the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf leadership plays a responsible role, then all major issues can be resolved. Some believe that the PTI’s policy is that Pakistan will never progress under the PDM government because it is politically harmful to Imran Khan’s popularity. This raises the question of whether the PTI leadership is truly thinking of the welfare of the people of Pakistan. It is clear that the common man is suffering greatly, with increased electricity and gas bills, rising prices of food, and a lack of jobs for many young people with degrees. It is the responsibility of the political leadership to come together and provide a roadmap for addressing these major problems. The blame game must end for the sake of the country and its citizens. Our leaders must consider how history will remember their style of politics. In the current situation, it is important for everyone to understand that the democratic system must continue to function. One thought-provoking opinion from a political scientist is that the failure of democracy actually requires an increase in democracy. This suggests that one of the reasons for our problems is that we do not have a mature political system.

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