Suicidal Terrorism


Terrorism is a curse in its all the forms. But, when the terrorism enters in the phase of suicidal terrorism then the matter becomes more dangerous. At this point the difficulties increase for the authorities and the law and order situation of the country become more vulnerable. There was a time when suicide bombing was being witness across the country on daily basis. Thousands of people and armed personnel presented their sacrifices by becoming the prey of these suicide bombings. It took almost 20 years to law enforcement agencies in getting rid of the curse of suicidal terrorism.
The war against terrorism was fought by the whole nation. After eradicating the roots of terrorism from the country, the government assured that the elements of terrorism are now not able to at least doing the suicide attacks. Actually the government had disrupted all the money supply to terror groups. Preparation of one suicide bomber costs hundreds of thousands of rupees. So, when the previous government disrupted the flow of money coming towards terror groups, then the government was quite confident that the terror groups will be no longer able to carry on suicidal activities. For stopping the flow of money towards these factions the former government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) did historical work for ensuring the transparency in the banking sector and by making strict rules regarding transfer of money.
The law enforcement agencies were confident enough that the terrorists are no longer capable of conducting the suicide attacks. But, after a couple of years of peace, the suicide attacks have been started again. Initially, these attacks took place near Pak-Afghan border so the authorities were of the view that the area is more vulnerable than the other parts of the country, so the suicide bomber may have succeeded in breaching the red lines. But, a suicide attack attempt witnessed in Islamabad on Friday as at least one cop was martyred, while multiple were injured in a suicide attack in the Federal Capital’s I-10 area. Sources part of the investigation team said that about 18 kilograms of explosives were used in the blast. They said that the vehicle was registered in Chakwal but has a number plate of Lahore. The police said that a mobile phone has been discovered at the scene of the incident which has been seized. Addressing the media at the blast site, DIG Chattha said that members of the Eagle Squad stopped a suspicious taxi for checking when the suicide attacker detonated himself. The DIG said that the attacker blew himself after he came back in his car. He added that a women and man were in the taxi when the explosion occurred.
Police and newly formed eagle squad deserve rich tribute for their prompt action which saved Islamabad from any big tragedy. Timely action stopped the suicide bomber from reaching the target but still the incident has claimed two precious lives and has left 10 injured seriously. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has taken the responsibility of the incident. The banned faction has again become a great threat for the country. Terrorism was confined to the areas closer to Afghan border earlier. But, now the suicide bombers have reached Islamabad. The question arises that from where the TTP is getting funding? How the money is reaching to the banned faction? The need of the hour is that the authorities should take prompt steps to cut the money supply of this faction. Otherwise the peace in the country may be disrupted again.

Published in Daily Country News, December 24th, 2022.

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