6th sept symbolizing commitment, determination of armed forces: Sadiya Danish

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Gilgit Baltistan: Deputy Speaker of the Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly, Sadiya Danish, has conveyed a message on behalf of the nation on the occasion of September 6th, stating that in the annals of Pakistan’s history, September 6th is celebrated as a day symbolizing the unparalleled commitment, unwavering determination, and unmatched sacrifices of our courageous armed forces. On this day, the officers of our Pakistan Army, soldiers, sailors, and airmen have demonstrated to the proud Pakistani nation and the world their readiness to defend the motherland at all costs.

Deputy Speaker of the Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly, Sadiya Danish, further stated that Pakistan is a torchbearer of peace but it should not be misconstrued as our weakness. The world should realize that our pursuit of peace is for the economic prosperity and well-being of the people of South Asia. We need to come together to work for peace and a promising future for the generations to come. Our resolute nation and the brave armed forces of Pakistan have repeatedly proven that they possess the full capability to defend the country and are fully prepared to face any adversity.

She emphasized that on this occasion of September 6th, let us all pay tribute to our martyrs and heroes and renew our commitment to safeguarding Pakistan’s defense, its integrity, and its sovereignty with the same fervor, determination, and unwavering courage that was displayed by the martyrs and heroes of the 1965 war.

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