A sigh of relief


Nation has heaved a sigh of relief after the selection of next COAS, General Asim Munir who would assume the command on 29 instant, immediately on retirement of Gen. Bajwa. The command of Gen Bajwa remained like roller coaster and witnessed many ups and downs, faced criticism but the army as an institution remained intact and united under the command as disciplined body despite many endeavors by the hostile forces. Infact it was the decision of institution ( all senior Generals) to become apolitical in Feb, current year hence after the Imran Khan’s coalition govt fell apart and rendered direction less. But it proved a blessing in disguise for Imran whose nose drive graph of popularity not only thawrted but pulled up to sky rocket. It happened mainly because of disrepute bunch of PDM who failed to stabilize the ruined economy and provide relief to suffering masses in utter striking poverty. The narrative of IK alleging behind regime change was sold like hot cake. Even some of the retired army officers were carried away by the notion of regime change conspiracy and became vocal against their own institution, I think first time in Pakistan, which posed a real threat to integrity of country and nation. Gen. Bajwa’s address revealed jaw dropping facts. But one thing is now crystal clear to whole world that military establishment has been playing unpleasant game of power politics and using bunch of political actors as stooge and puppets. Some anti establishments politicians also had to compromise to gain power or remain in power, which was their compulsion. One very good thing as a byproduct came up during last 6 months of tense and turbulence between IK and military establishment that both sides have exposed each other to naked truth which is likely to pay rich dividends in future. Hope army shall stand by its commitments not to indulge in politics or manipulate from behind the scene. IK is pressurizing to hold elections earliest as his narrative is fading away with law of acceleration but PDM is also running the risk of instable economy though they have the credit of taking country out of gray list and improving the credit rating. They also had to face the havoc of devastating flood effects as IK had the misfortune of Covid 19. Now IK’s protest on 26 the seems a misfire as change of army command is decided. However negotiations to hold elections can be expedited which is in offing. It is horse’s mouth that the nominated COAS is very honest, highly professional and very efficient who would build the image of army to clear of the controversy clung to it. I wish him the best. Maj. Omer H. Khan

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