A Tehreek Tahafuz Takhtbhai delegation is visiting T.h.q. Takhtbhai.


Takht Bhai: A representative delegation of Tehreek Tahafuz Takhtbhai is visit T.h.q Takhtbhai an introductory meeting with the newly appointed MS Dr. Tariq of Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Takhtbhai in his office and had a detailed discussion regarding the problems faced by the patients in the hospital. Ashraf DMS Imran Johar President Paramedics Association officer Khan was also present Tehreek Tahafuz Tehsil Takht Bhai Deputy Chairman Matiullah Core Committee members Tauseef Ahmad Maidani, Anwar Ali and Haji Zubair discussed the problems faced by the patients in the hospital, including lift failure, In addition to poor sanitation, emergency medicine, ultrasound, X-ray and laboratory, detailed discussions were held, which MS Dr. Tariq assured to resolve immediately.

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