Amit Shah’s statement misleading, aimed to deceive world: Ghazali

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Muzaffarabad: India is imposing the worst oppression on the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The statement of Indian Home Minister Amit Shah, attempting to portray the current dire situation in Kashmir as peaceful, is reiterated falsehood from Indian authorities. Uzair Ahmad Ghazali, Chairman of Pasban-e-Hurriyat, denounced Shah’s statement as a repeated lie from the Indian government regarding the deteriorating situation in Kashmir, aiming to deceive the world. Ghazali emphasized that the world knows Kashmir is akin to a prison, where civilians are suppressed by the control of millions of troops, their emotions and sentiments forcefully silenced at gunpoint.

Amit Shah, the Indian Home Minister, by deploying ten lakh occupying troops in the Kashmir Valley, setting up checkpoints in every nook and corner, enforcing draconian laws, and incarcerating leaders of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference and thousands of other civilians, is attempting unsuccessfully to normalize the state’s conditions. Uzair Ahmad Ghazali stated that India remains as an occupying force in Jammu and Kashmir, and this status quo cannot be altered. He asserted that Indian authorities are making efforts on political fronts for self-determination rights while imposing restrictions on local political and religious groups. The arrests of activists advocating for freedom of expression and violations of human rights in occupied Kashmir prove that Amit Shah is trying to conceal the war crimes of Indian forces in Kashmir.

Ghazali emphasized that the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory, and its decision will be made by the Kashmiri people according to the resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council. The false claims and oppressive actions of Indian authorities cannot suppress the Kashmiri people’s resistance movement. The time is near when Indian rulers will be held accountable for their terrorism in Kashmir.

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