Barriers on media

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The current government has crossed all the limits in curbing the media and put an unannounced ban on the freedom of expression, which is the basic right of every citizen and its guarantee is given by the constitution.

But the present government put the constitution into doldrums as every affair is mismanaged by the PDM led government, as it is dealing all the matters unconstitutionally, whether the issue of holding elections or to introducing fiscal discipline in the country.

But the government has shown fascism,  in dealing with the media, especially those journalists who are raising voice in favour of the largest opposition party’s leader Imran Khan, no matter whether he belongs to social media, print media and electronics media.

The mysterious series of vanishing journalists is on its zenith nowadays as one after another journalists are being kidnapped by some unknown persons and the common thing among all the missing journalists is that they all were against the government and speaking in favour of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and its leader Imran Khan.

Is favoring Imran Khan has become such a big crime in the country that only those journalists who are taking his stance forward are being missed all of a sudden and all is happening during the tenure of the incumbent government.

The cold blooded murder of senior journalist and anchor person Arshad Sharif has left a black stigma on the face of the current government which could not be removed even after a long time. The day when he was killed brutally in Kenya would be remembered as the black day in the history of journalism. His crime was only telling the truth about the billion rupees’ corruption of the ruling party to the world. His murders are so powerful that not only they went behind him to Kenya and after committing the major crime they are still wandering freely. It would become even harder with the passage of time, to trace out his killers.

A long list of journalists those who opposed the government and unveiled the corruption of the rulers were either taken into the custody by law enforcement agencies on the orders of the government or lifted by some unknown persons including some prominent names of Imran Riaz, Sami Ibrahim, Anam Sheikh  Aftab Iqbal and many others who were gone missing in recent days but after passing many weeks of their disappearance the nation could not even know that they are still alive or were killed  in the same fashion in which Arshad Sharif was slayed. Many senior journalists including Sabir Shakir, Dr Moeed Pirzada and many others are forced to leave the country to save their lives.

In spite of all this the government, instead of feeling some shame on oppressing the fourth pillar of state, is claiming barefaced that the media Is working independently in Pakistan, but the ground reality is quite contrary to the false statement of the government.

As a matter of fact, the lives of truth telling journalists are in the extreme danger now that was never before. The PDM led government would be remembered as the prodigious oppressor for the media. The so called democratic government is pressing the media so much hard that was never seen even in the time of dictatorship.

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