Business Community Demands Inclusion of Malik Mehar Elahi in Caretaker Provincial Cabinet

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PESHAWAR: The business and traders community have called upon the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa caretaker chief minister Muhammad Azam Khan to include prominent traders’ leader Malik Mehar Ilahi in the provincial cabinet.
They have emphasized that Malik Mehar Elahi’s deep connection to Peshawar and his significant contributions to the city were widely recognized.
They said that the absence of Peshawar’s representation in the current cabinet was unfortunate.
As a fearless and principled individual with a non-political persona, Malik Mehar Ilahi’s decisions consistently prioritize public interests over personal gains.
They said that his representation would be invaluable, especially considering the absence of any representative from the business community in the current cabinet.
They stated that Malik Mehar Ilahi had served as special assistant to the caretaker chief minister and his performance was outstanding during that period.

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