Businessmen asks AJK government to present people, business friendly budget

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Muzaffarabad: “The government of Azad Kashmir should utilize the budget wisely by creating business opportunities, promoting technical education, and formulating long-term policies for AJK”.

This was said by the speakers at pre-budget seminar, which was held under the auspices of the Business Forum Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan,

Speaking on the occasion the President of the Business Forum Azad Kashmir, Imran Aziz said that Azad Kashmir is abundant in resources, and it is necessary to effectively utilize these resources. If the government of Azad Kashmir reduces its expenses and invests in its resources, the region can become self-sufficient.

Member of the Legislative Assembly AJK Hassan Ibrahim said that there is a need to focus on tourism, I.T., water, and technical education in Azad Kashmir. There are numerous tourist destinations in Azad Kashmir, and if the government facilitates access to these places, it can generate employment for a large number of people and bring in billions of rupees in revenue.

Secretary General of the Business Forum Azad Kashmir Dr. Waqas, Muhammad Yasin said that there is a dire need to utilize water resources available in AJK. By constructing small dams, not only  can it cater the electricity needs of Azad Kashmir, but additional electricity can also be provided to Pakistan.

During the seminar businessmen Kashif Chaudhry, Shaheen Kausar Dar, Zulfiqar Abbasi and JI leader Javed Khan said that the literacy rate in Azad Kashmir is higher than in Pakistan, but the attention of the people is solely focused on government jobs. If the government provides business opportunities for the youth, offers them training, and promotes entrepreneurship, it can create numerous employment opportunities.

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