‘Cannot abandon our Muslim family’

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday assured earthquake affected Turkiye brethren that they were like family and that they could not abandon their Muslim family in this difficult time.

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He said this while addressing a ceremony to transfer emergency aid goods to Turkiye authorities in Ankara on Friday.

Having visited earthquake affected areas, where some rescue teams from Pakistan have already been working to rescue people, Shehbaz recalled the devastation that he had seen with his own eyes.

He said that the people of Pakistan and Turkiye may live thousands of miles apart, speak a different language but beat with one heart and go to sleep thinking of their brothers and sisters in Turkiye.

Shehbaz added that Pakistanis cannot forget the generosity of the Turkiye people who opened their hearts and wallets, raising funds for Pakistanis in need after devastating natural disasters, so it is not possible that Pakistanis would forget their Turkiye brothers and sisters at this critical juncture.

The prime minister added that during his visit to devastated areas and in discussions with Turkish authorities, he learnt that instead of sending food and clothing, they would only focus on providing winterized and fireproof tents.

He added that he would return to Pakistan later on Friday and on Saturday he would host a meeting of all the tent manufacturers in the country so that needs of Turkiye brothers and sisters is met as swiftly as possible.

These tents, he said will be dispatched by all transportation means available including air, land and sea.

NDMA dispatches goods to Turkiye via land

Meanwhile, a convoy of trucks laden with aid goods and heavy machinery entered Iran from the Taftan border in Balochistan.

The trucks of the National Logistics Company (NLC) are heading to Turkiye via land.

They will drive across Iran and then on to Turkiye to deliver their cargo.

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