CS AJK chairs meeting to ensure affordable food items, market monitoring during Ramazan

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Muzaffarabad: Under the chairmanship of Azad Kashmir Chief Secretary Dawood Muhammad Bareach, a significant high-level meeting took place on Thursday to strategize the provision of affordable food items and vigilantly monitor markets during the holy month of Ramadan.

The meeting, attended by key officials including senior members of the Revenue Board, Secretary Local Government Rural, and other relevant authorities, focused on crucial aspects such as the provision of relief to the general public, particularly through the establishment of 114 discounted markets, and maintaining price stability in essential food items.

The meeting was attended by senior members of the Revenue Board, Secretary Local Government Rural, Secretary Information, Secretary Information Technology, Secretary Agriculture and Livestock, Secretary Food, Mayor Mazaffarabad, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Additional Secretary Interior, DG IT, and all Divisional Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners participated in the meeting via video link.

In the meeting, the Divisional Commissioners briefed the Chief Secretary on the measures taken to provide relief to the general public during Ramadan, including the establishment of 114 cheap markets and maintaining moderation in the prices of food items. The Chief Secretary directed that all measures be taken to provide relief to the general public, ensuring the quality and strict checking of food items in markets, and to further enhance checking in markets based on the magistrate’s daily visits.

Divisional Commissioners briefed the Chief Secretary on measures taken to alleviate public burden, emphasizing the importance of stringent market checks and ensuring the quality of food items.

During the session, Chief Secretary Barchi directed officials to enforce measures rigorously to provide maximum relief to citizens, stressing the importance of daily market inspections by magistrates and strict action against profiteering and hoarding.

Furthermore, the Chief Secretary highlighted the significance of Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners personally overseeing market operations to enhance monitoring effectiveness.

In a bid to address public grievances promptly, Chief Secretary Barchi urged citizens to reach out to respective Deputy Commissioners or Assistant Commissioners with any complaints.

The meeting concluded with a resolute commitment to ensuring affordability and quality in food items throughout Ramadan, with a strict stance against any exploitation or market irregularities.

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