Haji Manzoor Afridi calls in by tribal delegations including Kuki Khel on 3rd day of Eid

Ideal atmosphere of peace in MDs to pave path of economic self-sufficiency, Excise Minister KP

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Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Excise and Narcotics Control Haji Manzoor Khan Afridi was called on by various tribal delegations and Jirgas in Peshawar on the third day of Eid-ul-Fitr and apprised him of problems of the merged districts besides exchanging Eid-ul-Fitr greetings with him. A delegation of kukikhel tribe from Khyber district led by the prominent trader leader Pervez Khan Afridi also held meeting with the Minister and tabled certain problems and demands of the tribal people. Among these issues included ensuring government writ, law and order in tribal districts, increase in education and health facilities, improvement of roads and communication network, ending electricity load shedding, supply of sui gas, prevention of drugs addiction and the launch of alternative agricultural schemes against poppy crops. The delegations also welcomed the efforts of the provincial minister to establish life-saving medicine industry from poppy produce as well as assured full support and cooperation in this regard.

Haji Manzoor Afridi listened to the issues of the tribal leaders patiently and assured that since he himself is the representative of the tribal people and hence in this capacity he will ensure concrete measures at the level of both the provincial and federal governments to solve all these problems for good. The Minister agreed with the argument of tribal leaders that peace is the first imperative for economic, industrial and business development. However, he said that due to the more than 1,000 kilometers long border with the neighboring country Afghanistan, the possibility of unrest and terrorism in the merged districts is a natural phenomena and assured that the provincial government will secure the borders in all respects with the cooperation of the federal government. He said the government’s candid steps will create an ideal atmosphere of lasting peace and harmony so that we are on the path of industrial and economic self-sufficiency in a congenial peaceful environment.

Haji Manzoor Afridi also highlighted the measures of his department relating to Norcotics and drugs prevention. He clarified that not only the control of drugs but also the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts will be carried out to save our youth from this menace. He on this occasion, announced the establishment of a drug rehabilitation hospital in Tehsil Bara and clarified that if this scheme proved successful, it will be then planned to establish such hospitals in other merged districts as well. Similarly, he said, concrete steps are being taken to increase education, health, agriculture and irrigation facilities in the merged districts.

Regarding electricity load shedding and sui gas supply, the provincial minister clarified that both these facilities have become a national issue because the country is facing acute energy crisis, which the federal government is dealing on emergency basis and in addition to increasing the country’s energy production, MoUs being finalized with neighboring countries for electricity and other energy sources, after which all energy needs of the merged districts will also be fulfilled accordingly.

Haji Manzoor Afridi further said that the government is also taking concrete steps for the promotion of industry and trade in the province so that apart from strengthening our economy, employment opportunities also increase in the region significantly. He revealed that the establishment of the mega industry for the production of precious life-saving medicines from the poppy crops is also being seriously evaluated, which will directly benefit our tribal youth by providing them employment opportunities, and freeing them from drug addiction.

Earlier, Haji Manzoor Afridi went to Spinzar House in Hayatabad Phase One and enquired about the health of the tribal leader Haji Jan Badshah Afridi’s nephew Haji Javed Afridi as the later is undergoing treatment after being injured in an accident. The Minister also prayed for early recovery of the injured.

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