JKSDMI pays glorious tributes to Ghazi Millat Sardar Ibrahim Khan

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Bradford: Under the auspices of the Jammu and Kashmir Self Determination Movement International, the 20th anniversary ceremony of the Ghazi Millat Sardar Ibrahim Khan was held at Bradford Town Hall. The event was attended by former counselors, Lord Mayors, media representatives, and delegates from various political parties. The ceremony was presided over by former Azad Kashmir government advisor Raja Shaukat Khaleeq,

While paying glorious tributes to Ghazi Millat Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Raja Najabat Hussain said that Ghazi Millat Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan strengthened the Kashmir freedom movement through his courageous leadership. He emphasized that Sardar Ibrahim Khan was among the first Kashmiri leaders to effectively represent the Kashmiri people in the General Assembly, speaking multiple times on the Kashmir issue. As a strong advocate for the accession of Pakistan, he achieved the honor of having the agreement for Pakistan’s annexation signed at his residence in Srinagar, continuing his struggle for Kashmiri self- determination until its fulfillment.

He further added that the people of Pakistan are grateful to those who made the Kashmir cause their own, bearing the burden of four wars. Sardar Ibrahim Khan’s illuminated torch of the Kashmir freedom movement will always be kept alive. While speaking about the continuous arrests of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader Yasin Malik, Raja Najabat Hussain stated that they have petitioned various British Parliament members and initiated discussions within the British Parliament against India’s criminal mindset.

Former Azad Kashmir government advisor Raja Shaukat Khaleeq mentioned the countless personalities in the region who have played a crucial role in the Kashmir freedom movement. He expressed his fortune in witnessing three presidential tenures of the late Sardar Ibrahim Khan and having the opportunity to work alongside him. He stressed that all the political groups in Azad Kashmir unite on the issue of Kashmir and will continue to raise their voices for the Kashmir freedom movement, similar to the Palestinians’ struggle for independence.

Raja Abdul Rahman Khan, the nephew of the late Sardar Ibrahim spoke about the political life of Sardar Ibrahim Khan, stating that he always adhered to principles and passionately served the Kashmiri cause. Despite facing political challenges during his four presidencies of Azad Kashmir, his love for Pakistan and its people remained intact. He continued his legal practice, beginning in Mirpur and later working in Jammu, Srinagar, Rawalpindi, and then Lahore.

Abdur Rahman Khan highlighted that Christopher Snedden, an Australian researcher, had documented numerous facts about Sardar Ibrahim Khan’s life, praising him as a young man who moved ahead with his struggle and emerged as a hero of the Kashmir freedom movement. His writings about Sardar Ibrahim Khan’s legacy are titled “Kashmir Saga.” He announced that on the occasion of the ceremony, protests against India’s illegal actions on August 5th, which marked the end of Articles 370 and 35-A, would be organized in Bradford and other parts of Britain.

The event concluded with special prayers led by Qari Muhammad Abbas for the martyrs of Kashmir, the freedom of Kashmir, and the soul of Sardar Ibrahim Khan.

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