Journalism in Pakistan 

Hamza Qurban. 

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In the realm of journalism, the pursuit of truth often intersects with a myriad of challenges, and nowhere is this more evident than in Pakistan. The country’s media landscape, while vibrant and diverse, has faced its fair share of obstacles, creating an environment where the very essence of journalistic integrity finds itself under siege. From issues of press freedom and censorship to economic constraints and political pressures, journalists in Pakistan navigate a complex terrain that both shapes and challenges their professional endeavors. This article delves into the intricacies of journalism in Pakistan, shedding light on the multifaceted factors that contribute to the unique set of challenges faced by those on the frontlines of information dissemination. As we unravel the layers of this dynamic landscape, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the resilience and determination exhibited by journalists in Pakistan as they continue to uphold the principles of a free and independent press. The era of dictatorship is considering worst for the journalist but we see revival of journalist and judiciary after Gen pervaiz Musharraf era. The monopoly of media giants has broken due to privatization. The flow of information for the audience is coming from multiple channels. The first few channel comes to break the monopoly are JANG and ARY news. But due to privatization the one loss for media is cross-media ownership where multiple media group have multiple medium to promote their agenda, or to promote the perspective of single political party to get their support in their government. The main focus of my article is to explore the financial status and skill of journalist in Pakistan. How the journalist in Pakistan make practices to compete with the international standards? Assessing the skill levels of journalists in Pakistan versus developed countries requires a nuanced understanding of various contributing factors. Educational opportunities, media infrastructure, press freedom, cultural and political contexts, and economic conditions all play integral roles in shaping the capabilities of journalists. Rather than making broad generalizations, it is essential to recognize the individual differences and complexities within the profession. By addressing these multifaceted influences, we can better appreciate the diverse landscape of journalism worldwide and work towards fostering an environment that promotes skill development and journalistic excellence across the globe.

As being a student of journalism I feel that the journalist in Pakistan have less income to fulfill their basic financial needs. To cover their all expenses or financial needs they are doing such unethical practices or misuse of journalistic power to get bribe or so called gifts. I think the government and bureaucracy are more responsible as compared to their media house’s for not making proper policies to protect their right’s. The society in which I live people are more scared from the journalist, lawyer, politician, bureaucracy, because they are famous to practices their power in wrong manner on innocent’s people of Pakistan.

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