Mushaal urges media to expose brutality of India in IIOJK

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Islamabad: Special Assistant to prime Minister Pakistan for Human Rights Mushaal Malik emphasized that Kashmiris are deprived of basic amenities, and essential medicines are not being provided. Media is the foremost means to expose the brutality of India.
The Special Assistant to prime Minister Pakistan for Human Rights, Mushaal Malik, expressed these thoughts during a seminar organized by the China Friendship Center in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan and AJK ahead of Kashmir Solidarity Day. Principal Information Officer Tariq Mahmood Khan, President of All Kashmir News Paper Society Amjad Chaudhry, Senior Vice President Sherbaz Munir Chaudhry, and Finance Secretary Chaudhry Javed Iqbal also addressed the seminar.
They stated that the people of Kashmir, especially children and women, are being subjected to oppression.
She further stated that Kashmiris are being killed in Indian jails, and the Modi government in India is targeting minorities with violence. Mosques are being turned into temples in India. Mosharraf Malik mentioned that RSS is the largest terrorist organization in India, spreading propaganda against Kashmiris worldwide. He highlighted that peace in the world is connected to peace in Kashmir and Palestine.
Speaking at the ceremony, Press Information Department’s PIO Tariq Mahmood stated that the event on February 5 has a unique nature, jointly organized by the Government of Pakistan and Kashmir media. He asserted that if India thinks it can suppress the voice of Kashmiris through force, it is impossible.
President of AJK Shabbaz Chaudhry said that the people of Kashmir are indebted to the profound love of Pakistan. He expressed gratitude to the current government and military leadership for initiating a new spirit to celebrate this day.
Finance Secretary of AJK Javed Chaudhry emphasized that until the Kashmir issue is resolved according to the aspirations of the Kashmiri people, peace will not prevail in the region. He expressed solidarity with the movement and stated that the day is not far when the people of Kashmir will witness the sunrise of freedom.
The seminar saw a large participation of intellectuals, civil society, lawyers, and Kashmiri journalists.

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