Nawaz Sharif meets Mushtaq Minhas, assusres support for Kashmir cause

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Lahore: Senior Vice President of PML-N Azad Kashmir, Raja Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas, met with PML-N supremo Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in Lahore. During the meeting, discussions took place on various issues, including the current situation in occupied Kashmir, political developments, and the progress and development of Azad Kashmir. The exchange of views emphasized mutual interest in the situation, including the heartfelt connection between the people of Pakistan and Kashmir.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, stated that the people of Pakistan and Kashmir share a deep bond, expressing tribute to the martyrs of the Kashmir freedom movement. He affirmed that Pakistan would continue its political, diplomatic, and moral support for Kashmiris, expressing hope that the Kashmir freedom movement would be successful.

Nawaz Sharif highlighted the boundless significance of the progress of Azad Kashmir and announced his own visit to Azad Kashmir after February 8th. He pledged to implement schemes to provide employment opportunities for the youth, increase production, double exports, and eliminate extremism, thereby ensuring peace for Pakistan.

Senior Vice President Raja Mushtaq Minhas congratulated Nawaz Sharif on his return to the beloved homeland, wishing for his well-being. He acknowledged Nawaz Sharif’s presence as a source of blessing for Pakistan. Minhas expressed confidence that under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, PML-N would achieve victory in the upcoming elections on February 8th. He credited the progress and self-reliance achieved during Nawaz Sharif’s leadership and suggested starting the journey again from where it left off for the prosperity of Pakistan.

Minhas appreciated the role of the migrants from Jammu and Kashmir residing in Pakistan and emphasized their importance in the victory of PML-N.

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