Only PPP can address issues of GB: Amjad Hussin Advocate

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Lahore: President People’s Party Gilgit-Baltistan, Amjad Hussain Advocate, has stated that on February 8, People’s Party will sweep elections across Pakistan. Upon coming into power, the People’s Party will address the issues of Gilgit-Baltistan, including making it a constitutional province and providing livelihood opportunities to thousands of youth. The resolution of Gilgit-Baltistan’s problems is included in the priorities of Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.
He assured that once coming in power, the People’s Party will establish hospitals in Gilgit-Baltistan of international standards, similar to those in Sindh, to ensure medical facilities at the doorstep for the people. Additionally, the establishment of medical colleges and engineering universities will be implemented. Amjad Hussain Advocate has expressed awareness of the public issues in Gilgit-Baltistan and is in contact with the central leadership of the People’s Party regarding these matters. Insha’Allah, once the People’s Party comes into power, the resolution of these issues will commence.
The central leadership of the People’s Party is highly committed to addressing the public issues in Gilgit-Baltistan. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan bear witness that credit for any constitutional and administrative reforms to date goes to the Pakistan People’s Party. Amjad Hussain Advocate addressed various ceremonies during the election campaign in Lahore, speaking at the constituency of Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and emphasized the urgent need for the Pakistan People’s Party in the country.
The people of Punjab, and all of Pakistan, want to see Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as the Prime Minister, including Lahore, which holds the distinction of being the city where the foundation of the Pakistan People’s Party was laid by the martyr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and where the reception of the late Benazir Bhutto took place. Today, history is repeating itself, and the people, especially in Punjab and Lahore, are expressing confidence in Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and other central leaders of the People’s Party.
He further stated that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, including those in the federal capital, will vote for the Pakistan People’s Party candidates.

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