Oppositions calls for focused discussion on Hijab order

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Opposition leader Azad Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly, Chaudhary Lateef Akber has said the purpose of the adjournment motion presented with reference to the Hijab is to bring the unilateral decision of the government to a focused discussion and this order should not be limited to the female students only.

In an exoplanetary statement regarding adjourning of motion regarding Hijab for women in AJK he said that In order to guide the Ummah, its application should not be limited to a certain group, but this order is general. And the government is guilty of violating this Quranic order by ordering the veil only to the extent of female students. This order is for the entire Muslim society and not only for female students, He further said

 In our knowledge, implementation of Quranic orders is our constitutional and Shariah duty,  this order that was passed by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, 1400 years ago. he concluded.

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