Pakistan seeks Interpol’s assistance to apprehend a foreigner suspected of killing a police officer.

KARACHI: In order to identify and apprehend a foreign national suspected of killing a police officer earlier this week in the port city, Karachi police have decided to approach Interpol.

After shooting police officer Abdul Rehman dead late on Monday night in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase V neighbourhood, the suspect Khurram Nisar fled to Sweden, prompting the decision.

DIG South Irfan Baloch told that the police had started a formal procedure to detain the suspect, who purportedly has Swedish citizenship.

He said, “We are writing to the director general of passports for confiscating his passport and we are also approaching the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) for informing Interpol.

According to police officials speaking on Tuesday night, Nisar, the son of a former bureaucrat, boarded a plane bound for Sweden through Istanbul. According to police sources, the man fled Pakistan using his Swedish passport.

According to the police, Nisar’s parents “disowned” him in their testimony made during the investigation on Tuesday and stated that they were unaware of the suspect’s whereabouts.

“Every year, Nisar travels to Pakistan. What he does when he visits Pakistan is unknown to us. We cannot be held accountable for his behaviour, “investigators were told by the parents.

At the Darakhshan Police Station, a sub-inspector filed a report alleging the murder of a police officer.

According to officials, the alleged gunman is accused of murder, terrorism, and engaging in a shootout with the police.

The COP that was killed, Rahman, was shot in the right temple. According to the First Information Report, the initial medical examination revealed that the bullet’s slug became lodged in the victim’s head (FIR).

The detailed statement of the constable who was at the scene and was the deceased cop’s partner is also included in the FIR.

According to the police, both officers were on a normal motorcycle patrol in Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Phase V, when they overheard a woman screaming from a sedan as it approached a traffic light. Both officers are members of the elite Shaheen Force.

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