Palestine solidarity rally held in Islamabad

Umar Bhat

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Islamabad: In a powerful demonstration of unity, the Civil Society in Islamabad organized a rally from D-Chowk to the Parliament, led by Maria B, to express solidarity with the Palestinians. The diverse group of participants included Hamira Mushtaq, Javeria Sadiq (widow of Arshad Sharif), Michi Khan, Dr. Naila Rafique, Dr. Naveed Butt, Dr. Jameel Jami, young journalist Naveed Ahmed, and prominent businessman Ajmal Baloch were present.
Chanting slogans such as “Free Free Palestine” and “Please Ceasefire,” the participants marched towards Parliament. Expressing disappointment, the rally highlighted the lack of active efforts by Muslim countries globally to halt the ongoing tragedy in Gaza.
Representatives of the Solidarity Society urged Pakistan to not only openly support the petition filed in the International Court of Justice on behalf of South Africa but also take a leading role in the international campaign. The speakers emphasized the need for Pakistan to actively address the responsibility of governments and political leaders in preventing the ongoing crisis.
Maria B, Hamira Mushtaq, Javeria Sadiq, and other speakers passionately called for a complete boycott of Israeli products. They appealed to the entire Pakistani nation to join the global movement against Israeli goods, asserting that the power to boycott lies within the hands of the people.
During the rally, emotional scenes unfolded as Palestinian students actively participated in the demonstration. Their passionate chants and expressions added a heartfelt dimension to the event, emphasizing the urgency of the situation in Gaza.
The Solidarity Rally not only symbolized support for the Palestinian cause but also urged concrete actions to address the ongoing crisis, both on a national and international level.

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