Pasban-e-Hurriyet calls for protests on 10 dec

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Muzaffarabad: On the occasion of International Human Rights Day on December 10, Chairman of the Pasban-e-Hurriyet , Uzair Hamed Gazali, declared protests against the heinous atrocities committed by the Indian forces, government, and ruthless agencies on oppressed civilians in the occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Simultaneously, a protest was announced against Israeli military crimes in Palestine and Gaza. Gazali emphasized the violation of human, political, social, and religious rights of urban populations in Muslim states.

Gazali conveyed a message stating that India, in the capacity of an occupying nation, is imposing the worst oppression on the innocent and condemned civilians of Jammu and Kashmir. He asserted that the Indian government is inflicting severe injustices on the suffering population. The people of Kashmir have been fighting for freedom, the right to self-determination, and their rights for the past seventy years, facing the worst oppression from the Indian forces.

Gazali stated that from 1990 to the present day, over a hundred thousand civilians in the occupied Kashmir have been martyred, and millions have been injured by bullets, pellet guns, tear gas, baton charges, and violence during custody. Additionally, ten thousand civilians have been abducted and turned into martyrs, buried in unmarked graves.

He highlighted that thousands of elders, youth, children, and women advocating for the freedom of Kashmir are imprisoned in Indian jails. Numerous journalists and human rights activists raising their voices against Indian terrorism are also incarcerated. Gazali further expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine, condemning Israel’s attacks on Gaza and Palestine. In the last 63 days alone, 18,000 Palestinians have been martyred, and 48,000 have been injured.

Gazali called for a collective religious and national responsibility to raise voices against the war crimes of India and Israel on the oppressed civilians of Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine. He urged the Muslim states to demand the freedom of both occupied territories and protest against the war crimes of India and Israel.

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