People protest against worst load shedding in Parachinar

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People protested against the worst load shedding of electricity in the Holy month of Ramadan, burning tires on the main highway and closing it for all kinds of traffic.

During Ramadan, people came out on the streets against the worst load shedding of electricity, shouted slogans against the WAPDA authorities and burnt tires on the main highway and closed it for all traffic. Mujahid Turi and other leaders said that the business community and business people in Parachinar city have also installed electricity meters in their shops and businesses, despite the fact that the electricity is completely off, there is no electricity even for 10 minutes in twenty-four hours. due to which their business has come to a standstill and they have been forced to protest. The business leaders demanded an immediate end to the electricity loadshedding. They are demanding that their sit-in will continue until the electricity system is fixed

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