PODA Pakistan launches 16 Days campaign to raise awareness against Gender-Based Violence

Dr. Qazi Shahzaib Ud Din Hamza

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Islamabad: Sameena Nazir, Executive Director of PODA, briefed the key initiatives and activities designed to emphasize the significance of the Global 16 Days of Activism Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence: “PODA is set to launch a series of awareness sessions, focusing on the challenges faced by women in accessing their rights. Their aim is to empower women for active participation in political processes and also these awareness sessions will not come to an end on December 10, this campaign will continue till the end of December and cover more than 50 districts.”


The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence (GBV) Campaign, takes place annually from 25 November to 10 December is intended to generate awareness and mobilize action to prevent gender-based violence against women and girls. Recognizing that gender inequality is a root cause of GBV, PODA Pakistan also campaigns to advocate for gender equality. Every year the United Nations announces a theme for 16 Days. This year’s Theme is: “UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls”.


PODA Pakistan’s team participated in Pak Olive National Gala at F9 Park Islamabad. Nabeela Aslam’s exclusive talk with Daily Country News states that this year’s theme, “UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls,” resonates deeply with PODA’s commitment to advocate for gender equality across social and political spheres. At PODA, we believe in addressing the root causes and underlying factors that contribute to gender-based violence.


Under 16 Days of Activism, activities will focus on the Advocacy of Girl Childbirth Registration, Voter Education, and Early Marriages. Sessions and webinars on Ending Violence Against Women, Women to Access Citizenship Rights in Rural Areas, Issues and Challenges in Elections of Pakistan, and Human Rights laws in Pakistan will be held in project areas. PODA will organize community theatre performances, and community dialogue on child abuse, and will celebrate World Children’s Day.

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