Posters in IIOJK thank Pakistan for its solidarity with Kashmiris

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Srinagar: Posters have appeared in different areas of occupied Jammu and Kashmir, thanking Pakistan for its continued support to Kashmiris’ freedom struggle.
According to Kashmir Media Service, the posters have been pasted on walls and pillars by pro-freedom parties in different areas of the territory.
The posters read messages like “Go India go back”, “Kashmir baney ga Pakistan”, and “Kashmiris are thankful to Pakistan for observing 5th February as Kashmir Solidarity Day”.
The posters have been put up in the occupied territory ahead of the Kashmir Solidarity Day, which is observed in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and abroad every year on February 5 to express solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiri people facing the worst Indian state terrorism in IIOJK.
Through the posters, commitment of the Kashmiri people has been reiterated to continue the struggle for freedom from Indian yoke.

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