Projects in Science, Culture, Health to Strengthen Pak-Turk Friendship: Dr. Kamal Idan

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Ankara: Under the supervision of Ibn Sina Science Council and in collaboration with Imam Khateeb Associates Ankara, a conference and medical exhibition were organized in Önder Ankara. During the event, Dr. Kamal Idan briefed the participants about the significance of Ibn Sina in Turkey and the Islamic and European world, stating that this year would be dedicated to Ibn Sina Science, Culture, and Health, and they would host a Pak-Turk Cultural Exhibition in this series, aiming to bring people of both countries closer and strengthen the bond of Pak-Turk friendship.

On this occasion, they provided details about the work being done in the fields of health, culture, and science by Shabana Ayaz, the head of Pak-Turk Forum Women Wing, and her team.

Later, the inauguration of Ibn Sina’s millennium-long efforts exhibition was also carried out.

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