QAMC Alumni urges adoption of modern research in health care

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The 52nd Alumni of QAMC Quaid e Azam Medical College Bahawalpur took place at Lahore . It was a two days program started from 4-5 March, 2023 at Institute of Public Health in the heart of Lahore, 6, Abdul Rehman Chughtai Road. The entire credit goes to the batch Q-5, especially Dr Khalid Iqbal from USA, Dr Mustaq Salaria, Dr Saquib, Dr Mansoor Ahmad, Dr Suhail Mukhtar, Suhail Mumtaz and Suhail Safdar.
The first day was dedicated for introduction and QAMC related stories, poetry and jokes.
The second day was reserved for CME activities. The first lecture was on COVID19, its latest situation, treatment and vaccination. Dr Khalid Iqbal from USA Q-1 gave a detailed clinical picture of COVID19.
Prof Munir Azhar talked about how to retrieve the memory, he highlighted the tips on how to keep up your memory.
Prof Mulazim Hussain Bukhari, Principal Azad Jammu Kashmir Medical College, Muzaffarabad; talked about the Ethics of Clinical Practice in Cross Gender, he summarised that Gender is on a spectrum and varies from person to person. Trans patients will often come in with a long history of mistreatment by the healthcare system. Treating Gender Dysphoria is a medically necessary intervention that is easy to do and literally saves lives. Providing a safe space for trans people to be themselves is
the most important thing one can do. Respect, beneficence and justice during dealing with each gender is mandatory. Dr Saquib, Q-1 lecture was on stem cell treatment and how to select the best cell for treatment of the diseases. Dr Mansoor Ahmad’s presentation was also very important.
Dr Mushtaq Salaria was the secretary of the Alumni. Closing was with new suggestions and keeping in touch with each other once a year through such activities. A working group was scheduled to finalise the proposals to get regulation with this QMC Alumni group.
Brig (R) Sultan Muzaffar Dr Ghulam Mustafa, Dr Col Abdul Rasheed, Dr Irshad Hameed, Dr Ishtiaq Mian, Maj Gen Naseem ul Majeed, Prof Sarwar Bhatti, Dr Khan Bahadur Nayyar, Dr Saquib Siddique, Dr Auqil Bhatti from Q-1 stressed that the Alumni must be revived and we should all should think for the benefit of our Alma Matter. Dr Usman Ahmad, Dr Javed Akhtar, Prof Dr Ashraf, Dr Mubashir Malik, Dr Imtiaz Ghauri Q-2 suggested for benevolent fund for the families whose earning hands have been died and there is no one for their support. Dr. M Ashraf BMS CMH, Dr Mansoor Ahmad, Dr Syed Imtiaz Shah, Q-3 asked to make a welfare society for the Quaidians for their futures. Dr Zia Muqadsa, Dr Ikram Ul Haq, Dr Habib ur Rehman, Dr Rakhshinda Q-4, suggested for developing Quaidians Tourism society so that any Quaidian family coming from abroad may get benefits for their stay in Pakistan Northen areas. There was a big group of Q-5 who advised starting a business in future and don’t depend on government or private jobs. Dr Suhail Mukhtar, owner of private companies (AhmadMedix, Pvt Ltd, www.ahmadmedix.com) , It was amazing to hear about Dr Suhail Mulhtar, Q-5; how he resigned from Government Job and stated his own business and now he is one of the leading company in Pakistan manufacturing not only medical equipments,but also 1122. Every great business starts with an idea, but the first step in helping you turn your idea into a functioning business is research and planning. This includes making sure that your idea is unique, filling a market need, and conducting market analysis to determine how your business will solve a current market problem. Dr Mukhtar said, once you have conducted enough market research, it’s time to put everything down in writing. A business plan will help you define your goals, acquire business loans (if needed), and organize your strategy. He said now we are Pakistan no 1, and only EN and ISO certified manufacturer of medical equipment, ambulances, mobile health units, fire and rescue vehicles, DSNG, luxury vehicles, and other customized on wheels solution.

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