Silence on Palestine genocide

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All the efforts to prevent Israel from bloodshed are going unproductive as Israel is playing havoc in Gaza strip like a wild beast as it has killed nearly 700 innocent Palestine civilians in about 400 strikes after the end of temporary ceasefire truce.

After every 10 minutes Gaza is being attacked by the Israeli forces due to which Gaza has turned into a heap of debris. In the last few days. After the swap of the prisoners, it was hoped that the situation would get better and the war would be stopped, but stubborn Israel is like a dog’s tail which would be eerie even after putting it in the pipe for 100 years.

America, India and many other Western countries are backing Israel openly especially the role of USA has become a symbol of double standards, whose leaders, on one side are issuing the statements daily urging Israel not to assaults on the civilian papulation, while its President Joe Biden daubs Israel’s back and reiterates his full support for her during his visit to Israel. This peculiar role of America would be written in the black words in the history.

In the USA not only the Muslims, but also Christian and even Jews communities are protesting in enormous rallies against America’s unscrupulous character. Same kind of big demonstrations are also being held in different countries and unexpectedly within Israel too, but neither Israel is paying little heed nor the policies of the USA have changed by virtue of these protests.

Hamas had some knowledge before attacking that the reaction of Israel would be rigid enough and it has not the capacity to prevent it. But perhaps, it attacked Israel with an atypical approach to gain some specific targets. As it also succeeded in achieving some of its goals. Actually Hamas’s attacks stopped Saudi Arabia from accepting Israel at the moment as the negotiations between KSA, USA and Israel were going swiftly in the beginning of October, as it had looked like that Saudia could accept Israel very soon. After the missile attack by Hamas the matter was finished at that time and had gone somewhere under the carpet.

On the other hand, the Palestine issue was highlighted globally due to an attack by Hamas and one of the old friends of Israel, Indian Prime Minister Modi was forced to say that the world should find a permanent solution to the issue.  However, the current battle has opened many fronts and it seems that stopping Israel is out of control for Hamas.

Gaza has the largest papulation of underage children and that is the very reason that almost 50 percent of children were killed in Israeli attacks among some 20.000 deceased in the ongoing Israeli assaults. Now a preplanned genocide is being carried out by Israel in the era, when the communications resources are extremely active and even if a leave of any tree would fell down in any corner of the globe, entire world would know about it.

But the criminal silence of the world on the killing of innocent children is as it seems that these minors were not human beings but some plastic toys who are being destroyed by Israel.

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