Turkiye pledged to support ongoing Kashmir liberation movement in IIOJK: Ch Latif Akbar

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Muzaffarabad: Government of Turkiye and their all political parties pledged to support the ongoing liberation movement in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir IIOJK.
This was said by the joint delegation of Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) led by Speaker Legislative Assembly Latif Akbar during a press conference who recently visited Türkiye.
Speaker Akbar said that Turkish parliament speaker received them warmly in Ankara parliament to express solidarity with the people of IIOJK.
Former AJK Ameer Jamaat -e-Islami Abdur Rashid Turabi said that following the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation OIC Turkiye has key role in Muslim world and they support Kashmiris right of self-determination at various international forums which they have been continued since 1990.
India tries to put pressure on Turkiye to keep Ankara away from supporting Kashmir cause.
“ We attended various conferences in Istanbul and Ankara in connection with Kashmir dispute and urged Turkish leaders to expand their parliamentary role and in this connection they were asked to use their European Union links for the peaceful settlement of IIOJK. Kashmir relief fund will also be established in Turkiye . We also briefed law makers and media about the existing threats of IIOJK leadership and the issues faced by Indian Muslims,” Turabi observed.
Convenor APHC Mehmood Sagar said that the main purpose of the conference in Istanbul was to engage Arab countries lawyers and human rights activists and in this connection first time Kuwait delegation joined us and supported Kashmiris legitimate peaceful struggle during the Istanbul conference. However, we asked both Turkish and Kuwaiti brothers that
we need their support for Kashmir cause same they support Palestine cause..
The APHC Convenor Mehmood Ahmad Sagar said that they have seen Ankara commitment more serious than Islamabad with Kashmiris. He said
Pakistan needs to introduce Kashmir desks in foreign embassies and make Muzaffarabad a real base camp to promote Kashmir freedom struggle.
All leaders from Shabir Shah to Yaseen Malik are in prisons and Pakistan should support the IIOJK movement vehemently. World should know that plebiscite is the demand of all communities of IIOJK either they are Hindus , Muslims or Pundits.
Senior APHC leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that Türkiye has much more commitment with Kashmiri’s political struggle and they will never disappoint us. They believe that Kashmiris ought to be given right of self-determination.
Turgay Evren a Turkish singer also released two songs on IIOJK ongoing freedom struggle that shows the commitment and love of Turkish people with IIOJK.
Bhat said that we should come forward under the one banner of AJK government to highlight Kashmir cause and expose India .
“ India is working to cancel some 160 Kashmiris citizenship and if New Delhi does it then AJK government should give them citizenship which would be a slap on the face of India,” Bhat added and said
the law makers of Turkiye have much more knowledge on Kashmir issue than our own leaders.
Turkey offered us to open offices in any area of their country for the promotion of Kashmir cause.
The senior APHC leader Bhat further said that Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Cell KLC should be utilised to finance the ongoing liberation struggle of IIOJK across the globe. All funds for Kashmir freedom struggle must be sent through KLC accounts.

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