US scholar for inclusion of Afghanistan in policy making on human related issues

Int’l Conference on Climate Change held in Nangarhar University

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Jalalabad: The Western countries should include Afghanistan in the efforts for mitigating the impacts of climate change on the world and sufficient support be provided to Afghanistan as it has done nothing in creating changes in climate changes.

This was stated by a US scholar and climate change activist, Dr Jonathen Syles Naele while addressing as a key note speaker at a 3-day International Conference on Climate Change organised by Nangrahar University, Jalalabad, in collaboration with Afghanistan Ministry of Higher Education here in Jalalabad.

Dr Jonathen further said that 43-years war was imposed on Afghanistan by other countries and now it is the responsibility of the international community to take concrete measures for rehabilitation of the people of Afghanistan. He said that the world has become a global village and Afghanistan should be included in the mainstream.

Elaborating the worst impacts of climate change on Afghanistan, Dr Jonathan said that that due to continuous drought in the region the problems of the people have been increased manifold. He called upon the United Nations Organisation (UNO) to announce a ‘martial plan’ for the uplift of Afghanistan.  He also appreciated the efforts of university professors and government officials for organising an international conference on climate change. He called upon the expatriate Afghans to work of the advancement of Afghanistan. He also expressed the hope that very soon Afghanistan will be in the rank of developed countries as the people are very hard working and committed.

The conference was addressed by Dr Hamid Yahya Ali Al-Shejni, a professor from United Kingdom (UK). He called upon the academia to sensitise the people of Afghanistan on climate change and devise a comprehensive strategies for mitigating its effects.

Dr Habib Adil, who had come from United Kingdom for attending the conference, said efforts are underway to connect Afghanistan with different bodies of scientists in the world who will suggest strategies for creating climate friendly development opportunities.

Professor Dr Ghulam Mahyuddin Bhutt and Dr Nazir Pala had come from India. They were experts in forestry. They in their address called upon the government officials to take steps for planting more trees and declare different areas as national parks.

The Indian professors appreciated peace and hospitality in Afghanistan. All the scientists should visit Afghanistan for making contribution in the development of Afghanistan. Dispelling the western media propaganda, the Indian professor said that ground realities are quite different in Afghanistan. They said that the scientists should take concrete measures to mitigate the effects of climate.

Professor Dr Mohammad Arif Khan, Professor Dr Azim Khan, had come from Agriculture University Peshawar, KP. They in their addresses suggested the Afghan government to go for hybrid crops as it ensure more yield.

Professor Dr Muhammad Mazhar Qayum from Haripur University, KPK also provided suggestions for innovative methods in encouraging new species of crops. He called upon the Afghan government to pay attention for promotion of horticulture. He also shared some success stories of horticulture from Holland and Turkey.

Dr Sanaullah Panezai, University of Baluchistan, Pakistan addressing on this occasion asked the Afghan government to create opportunities for storing the rain water and its utilization for agriculture purposes.

Dr Syed Inam ur Rahman, Department of Media and Communication Department, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan, speaking on the occasion suggested for involvement of media in providing awareness to the people of Afghanistan on climate change. He further said that everyone is a stack-holder in the mitigating the impacts of climate change. The comity of nations should fully support Afghanistan in human related issues like climate change, he added.

Dr Inam further said that a comprehensive social media campaign on climate change is need of the hour.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, was the chief guest on the occasion. He said nothing has been done by the previous government despite the flow of huge amounts of Dollars. Blaming the previous governments for not paying necessary attention in implementing development projects in the country, he said, previous governments just focused on the construction of those roads that facilitated the movement of the foreign forces.

Minister of Public Health for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Dr. Qalandar Ebad, during his address to conference such conferences will play a vital role in providing solutions to the challenges faced the people of Afghanistan.

Ebad reiterated findings from the World Health Organization, indicating that thousands of individuals succumb to the detrimental impacts of climate change annually.

Besides foreign experts, a number of local researchers, academicians and scientists also attended the events. The concluding ceremony was also attended by Lutfullah Khairkhwa, Deputy Minister for Academic Affairs, Ministry of Higher Education. He on the occasion thanked the participants for attending this conference and also announced that Nangrahar University will host this event every year. He also distributed shields and certificates among the participants.

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