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There is an old saying that vote is just like a drop of water, if it goes into a seashell, then it will turn into pearl, but if it goes into the mouth of a snake, it will become poison. The much awaited election has arrived when the people of Pakistan would hand over the affairs of the country to their favorite leaders for the next five years through the power of the vote.

The candidates mainly hailed from different political parties are in the field with the same old promises, which is just like the old wine in a new bottle. The politicians are trapping people by their false promises and tall claims. But after winning the elections, they would be vanished from their constituencies till the next elections.

In the prevailing system the people have not any say in the decision making, but they have only opportunity on the polling day that they should vote for the right people, who can bring positive change in their lives by providing them some relief from the excessive price hike.

Now the people have the only chance to ask the candidates what they have done for their welfare in the past. The voters who were not provided any basic right by their rulers. There is not any medicine for them in the public sector hospitals, their children are deprived of the quality education in the government schools. Despite paying taxes, they are suffering many problems due to broken roads and terrible infrastructure. Almost 40 percent of the people are deprived of clean drinking water. The public is forced to purchase expensive fuel and energy. The educated youth belonging from the middle class are unemployed because neither they have enough money to bribe nor do they have any political connections to get jobs. They are wandering here and there for interviews by taking their degrees in their hands but they are still unemployed.

And on the other hand, the leaders of the country who came with the votes of the people go abroad for treatment, when they get ill, their children study at the top foreign universities and when they get back to Pakistan, they get top jobs due to the influence of their parents. They use imported drinking water. Β The rulers get free of cost electricity and subsidized natural gas. It is the dilemma of the country that the general public pay taxes for the extra lavish lifestyle of the rulers, because they enjoy their luxuries at the cost of national exchequer.

After playing all the havoc with the people for five years, the leaders come to their doors begging for votes, but in this era when social media has enhanced the awareness level of the people, they should think twice before casting their votes. The decision of the people should be in favour of sincere and honest candidates.

Though people have full right to elect the future leadership, if the elections would be free, fair and impartial. But this time it seems that elections could not be held in the country according to the aspirations of the people.

If the people would decide prudently at the time of polling, then the country would be in safe hands for the next five years and if they would follow their political affiliation or tail family links as usual, then Pakistan would go into the hands of plunderers once again.

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