YFK organises seminar ahead of UDHR day

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Islamabad: YFK- International Kashmir Lobby group, Islamabad with the collaboration of SZABIST, Islamabad organized a seminar on Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Case studies of IIOJK and Palestine.

Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the State of Palestine, His Excellency Nader Alturk, addressed the audience. He brought to light the pressing issue of human rights violations faced by Palestinians. He emphasized the severe deprivation of basic human rights experienced by the Palestinian population, and asked for urgent need for global action to address these issues.

Sheikh Abdul Mateen, Secretary General of APHC, delivered a powerful speech, shedding light on the impactful human rights violations in Kashmir and Palestine. He questioned why the champions of human rights seem blind to the violations in IIOJK and Palestine, emphasizing the world’s hypocrisy.

Mr. Adnan Haider, anchor-person, underscored the pivotal role of our educated youth, urging them to raise their voices for the rights of Kashmiris and Palestinians. Ms. Mumtaz Mughal, Regional Director of Aurat Foundation, and Ms. Shanila Ammar, Journalist, also delivered powerful addresses at the seminar on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, amidst discussions on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; they both agreed that it is crucial to recognize that the fundamental right to live a free life remains unfulfilled in IIOJK and Palestine.
In the concluding remarks, Dr. Razak emphasized the significance of youth participation in seminars like these, stressing the importance of raising awareness about human rights violations in IIOJK and Palestine. Mr. Zaman Bajwa, Executive Director of YFK, expressed gratitude to the audience and SZABIST University for hosting a impactful seminar. He encouraged students to utilize their pens as powerful tools to speak out against human rights violations all around the world.

A large number of university students and the representatives of civil society attended the seminar.

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