AJK LG Polls


Devolution of power to lower level is the real beauty of democracy. This is the way through which people get the chance to elect their representatives at local level. These representatives in return do basic work for the people who elect them. These representatives basically get the schemes of development. As they are from the same place so they usually have better understanding of the issues of people. Therefore, they are in the good position to spend the funds for the development of their areas. In this way the relief reaches to people in the real sense.
But, the sad reality is that the local body elections are being neglected since a long time across the country. However, the previous federal government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the provincial governments of same party have the credit of reviving the culture of local body elections. First, the local body elections held in KPK and after that when the party succeeded in winning the general elections in AJK then the government announced to hold local body elections. Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi was the Prime Minister of AJK at that time and he announced to hold the local body elections in the state after 31 years. Now, the in house change has removed him from premiership, but the new Prime Minister is also willing to hold the LG polls.
Date for local body elections in AJK has been announced. The candidates have been given their signs. They have spent millions of rupees on elections campaign. But, the required security for conducting the local body elections is still not available. The government of AJK has requested the federal government time and again to provide the required security. But, the federal government is not providing the required security. Federal government is of the view that the current political instability in the country which has been created by the chairman PTI, Imran Khan is not allowing the government to spare the security personnel for the local body elections in AJK. But, the government of AJK is reluctant for holding the local body elections on the said day.
Chairman PTI, Imran Khan has announced to reach Rawalpindi on November 26. The requirement for security forces in twin cities has increased. So, the local body elections in AJK has been put on risk again. In such a situation when there is huge political instability in the country everyone is confused that whether the LG polls in AJK will held or not. However, the PM AJK, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan is committed to hold LG Polls on the announced date. Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan asked the Chief Secretary to fully cooperate with the Election Commission for holding the local body elections here on Sunday. In his letter to Chief Secretary, the Prime Minister said that government is not considering any option of delaying the election or holding it in phases. So, the Chief Secretary should issue directions to IG, Secretaries, and Commissioners to fully support the election commission for holding the elections. They should provide all the available resources for the conducting the local body election, PM AJK added.
LG Polls are going to held in AJK after 31 years. It is a great time for the people of the state as they are going to choose their local representatives. But, the matters regarding security are creating the hurdles. Chairman PTI, Imran Khan should play his role in the current time. PTI should postpone the date of its session in Rawalpindi so that the federal government can provide security for LG polls in AJK.

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