Illegal crushing plants irked citizens, badly affecting environment

By: Faiza Gillani

MUZAFFARABAD: Illegal crushing plants have irked the citizens of Muzaffarabad and are badly affecting the environment. Crush Mafia is active in the capital to ruin the environment by causing the environmental pollution.
According to detail, the crush mafia has set up various illegal crushing plants in the capital city. These crushing plant are disturbing lives of the masses. They are causing the environmental pollution. They are illegally crushing the mountains. Theses mountains may fall anytime and can cause any big mishap. Neelum road is one of the busiest roads of the city. This road is also badly affected by these illegal crush plants. Thousands of tourists travel through this road on daily basis. They face difficulties due to these plants. The owners of these crushing plants are either the ministers of the government or other powerful personalities. These crushing plants have no NOCs which shows that they are illegally working there.
The citizens of Muzaffarabad demanded from the government to remove all the illegal crushing plants.